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React to Sounds with Music Playlists

React to Sounds with Music Playlists

Are you a music lover? Do you have a lot of favorite songs that help keep your energy up while working or exercising? If so, then this blog post is for you! In it we will discuss how to track the music on your computer and create awesome playlists. This way, even if one of your favorite artists releases new tunes, they won’t be lost in the shuffle.

Create a new folder on your computer, and name it something like “Music to Track”. This will be the main place that all of our playlists are saved in. Next, open up iTunes or whatever music player you use to find new tunes. Search for any song you would want to add to a playlist later down the line, but don’t add it to the library. Right click and copy the song name (i.e., “Songs I Like”).

Go back to your Music folder you created earlier, right-click in an empty space inside of that folder, and paste what you copied from iTunes. Now we have a playlist with all of our favorite songs!

Repeat the same process for each artist or album you want to add. If you have an entire playlist from a previous project, just copy and paste it into your new Music folder.

Now that we have all of our favorite tunes in one place, it’s time to create some playlists. But first, let’s talk about some best practices when it comes to naming them.

  • Make sure the title of your playlist is short and sweet, but also accurately describes the music inside. For example, “Songs to Get Pumped Up To” or “Workout Music 2016”.
  • If you have a lot of playlists, it might be helpful to create folders within your Music folder to keep them organized. This could look something like “Workout Playlists”, “Happy Songs”, or “Songs for when I’m Feeling Sad”.

Now that we have the basics down, let’s start creating some playlists!

Start by opening up iTunes or whatever player you use, and open up your Music folder. Select all of the playlists in this folder that you plan on using to create a new one. Drag them into a blank spot inside of your “Music to Track” main folder that we created earlier. Let go once it creates a new playlist.

Now you can rename your playlists from this window, and select the ones you want to add music too! When adding songs, it’s helpful to use ALT+click on a song in order to pick and choose which tracks stay or go. This way we don’t have extra songs that aren’t on the playlist.

Once you’re done, make sure to save it and close out of iTunes! You can now create multiple playlists for different scenarios; whether that be when exercising or writing a blog post like this one. If there is ever an issue with any songs in your list, remember: CTRL+Z (or CMD+Z on a Mac) to undo the last change.

We hope you enjoy this post and that it helps make your music listening experience even better!

Do Dogs Like Listening To The Radio?

Do Dogs Like Listening To The Radio?

If you are a music lover as well as a pet owner, then it is important for you to know whether your dog enjoys music as you do. You might want your dog to enjoy the same music as you but it might not be true in certain scenarios. Therefore, as a dog owner, you need to find out do a dog likes listening to the radio so that you can rest assured that your pet is also enjoying music just like you. It is important for you to understand your dog’s choice in music and whether your dog prefers classics or country music is based on the reactions that you see in your dog. You should also expose your dog to music on a regular basis and for this, you should play the radio for making your pet accustomed to music.

The majority of the dogs prefer listening to the radio because it is the best form of relaxation and you can also keep the radio on when your dog is alone at home. Good music is the best way of breaking the monotony of the day as your dog will love music even when no one is present at home. Along with keeping the company, the dog will also remain entertained and you will rest assured that your pet is enjoying even when it is alone at home. Maybe your pet dog panics when it listens to the radio for the first time but eventually it will start enjoying the music and remain calm during the entire musical session. Since dogs have exquisite taste when it comes to music, you should make sure to know the preference of your dog when it comes to making him listen to the radio. But you should always ensure that the sound is not too loud because it might eventually make the dog anxious and cause him to panic. Therefore, along with considering the music choices of your dog, you should also make sure to keep the volume regulated so that your pet will have the most enjoyable music session. When your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, then you can always take the help of music to calm your dog and make sure that it does not suffer from behavioral issues.

Dogs love listening to the radio but preferably they love classical music more than any other music form and hence you should always look for their taste when it comes to allowing them to remain happy in your absence. But you should make sure that your dog does not become overexposed to music so that you can set a timer for the radio listening session. You should never play too loud music as it agitates the pet and it can make it become anxious. The right kind of music will also have a calming effect on your dog so that it will remain well behaved on all occasions. Hence, you should train your dog for making sure that it will remain happy during the music session.