Are Podcasts Likely To Replace Radio?

With the pass of the years, humankind experienced a lot of changes in traditional fields of the world like science and technology, and thanks to that experiences we know count with things like Social Media or capable hospitals that are grateful to scientific advancements that were capable of saving millions of lives with the pass of the years. One of those technological advancements at some point was the Radio signals, the possibility of making an entertaining channel of audio recordings and the good thing about it is the fact that people were able to listen to those recording in their cars, or even at their jobs by getting a Radio, but times are changing and now we count with Podcasts which are basically audio recordings that are free of access (in most cases) and they can listen through multiple intelligent devices, so, are radios going to be replaced? Let’s discover it!

Well, this may hurt for those that are Radio enthusiasts but with the looks of things, it’s most likely that Podcasts are going to replace Radio if they continue growing in popularity and context, however, this statement can’t just be launched without a proper explanation, so there are a couple of things that need to be discussed after learning this possibility of the future, for that reason, stay tuned and discover why we think that radios will disappear or will be absorbed by Podcasts, let’s begin!


Let’s be completely honest, radios are getting without listeners at a critical speed because there are lots of podcasts out there and some of them are very good to the point that they destroy radio completely without even being professionals, first of all, is because podcasts are very popular in most countries for the fact that you don’t need a lot of things to start listening to them, for example, you just need a smartphone and internet connection which is something that a lot of people have, and also we have the fact that radios can be expensive and they are just useful to their own cause, just to listen to radio recordings or songs that you are not even capable of selecting to your taste, for that reason, podcasts are eating a lot of their territory, people really like podcasts for the variety of possibilities and options that exists.


Creating or maintaining a radio signal is not so cheap to handle, on the other hand, podcasts don’t require a lot of instruments, yes it may be true that you need some quality equipment if you want to be accepted by people and to be heard in multiple environments and countries, however, is an investment that you just need to do once and that’s it, you just need to start producing your podcast, unlike radios that need some strict measures to be sure that no money is getting wasted or busted, for that reason, a lot of radio signals have been destroyed or discontinued, they just don’t produce enough money to maintain them on air, and also podcasters tend to earn some good money at the end of the month for other methods like sponsors and things like that, a good idea if you have the touch of getting people to listen to your thoughts.

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